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Garry Judd is a composer who works in film and TV. For more details on Garry's classical work, please go to the dedicated site,
His skills include composing and arranging music for electronic instruments to full orchestra, writing to picture, and 5.1 surround sound recording. He has written for over 150 film and TV productions.
Television credits include shows and series for the BBC, ITV, Disney+, Channel Four, C5, NBC, ABC, NTV,A&E, RTÉ, Discovery and many more. He has recorded with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Courtney Pine, Leslie Howard and The London Community Gospel Choir to name but a few. His music is broadcast regularly throughout the world and is available for streaming and download.


Garry has written for many film and TV productions worldwide.


Garry works from Tumbledown Studio, based in the grounds of a Grade II listed thatched cottage dating to 1580, where he works surrounded by cats, chickens and ducks.

Tumbledown offers a fully equipped music to picture, 5.1 surround scoring and mastering facility which can link up to musicians and even whole orchestras anywhere in the world.  

Although Tumbledown is hidden away in rural Hertfordshire, it is just a thirty minute rail journey in to central London and fifteen minutes to Stansted Airport. Garry is frequently in Los Angeles and Dublin and is an enthusiastic traveller in search of the perfect sound and spotting sessions.

"...I really enjoy working with characters’ motivations. I love it when someone says something but means or feels something else and I'm asked to reflect that in the music. To be involved at that level in the storytelling is a real thrill..."

Some comments about Garry's music...

"...Garry created a score with atmosphere, drama, comedy & tenderness. A proper professional - calm, collaborative & with talent & creativity. 

If you work with him, he'll give you all of those things too." John Dower (Director-Signs of Life/Eastenders/Wolfblood)

"...whenever possible I want to go with the very best for my projects from the right director of photography to the make up artist. The same also applies for the very best in music, and one of the main composers I always turn to is Garry Judd. I’m never disappointed as he continues to produce some of the best music that helps bring my projects to life." Jamie Langton (Director-Take Two, The Hotel, The Only Way Is Essex)


"...Garry’s music is fantastic, and always spot-on for the tone and atmosphere of my films. He gets it immediately, and he adds so much fun and energy to his work, it lifts the whole piece tremendously..." Eddie Green (Director - First Class Male, Tommy The Tungsten Robot)

Quiet Comes the Dawn has superb use of audio too, which helps build some tremendous tension with the film. The audio, in particular the bassline hum that proliferates the soundtrack, sometimes assaults the senses making the audience feel closer to what we’re seeing on screen; and in some cases in just as dangerous a situation! - Nerdly, Phil Wheat

What I did feel was Garry Judd’s music, though: often hypnotic, and frequently changing style with the bizarre scenes, the score added to the sense that I may have been sharing their dreams. -, Alix Turner

Recording with the BSO


UK: +44 7500 041246, US: +1-424-278-3461

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